Cordoba Academy for training education and development



Job & Career

We will guide you through effective strategies for accessing jobs given your specific circumstances. We can help you to refine resumes/cover letters, other job search communications, employment goals and your interviewing skills. 

Personal Growth

Quality of Life

Quality of Life is a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to positive psychology intervention. Clients are given tools for boosting satisfaction and fulfillment in any one of 16 specific areas of life in order to enhance overall contentment or quality of life. These areas include: life goals-and-values; spiritual life; self-esteem; health; relationships with friends; partner; children and relatives; work; play; helping; learning; creativity; money; surroundings-home; neighborhood; community; and relapse prevention.


Public Speaking

Group Communication


Policy Analysis

MUN (Model United Nations) is an extra curricular activity in many schools and universities, which simulates the functioning of the United Nations.

In a Model UN Conference students assume the roles of countries and organizations represented in the UN in various committees or councils to debate and discuss issues concerning the world.

During a conference, participants employ a variety of communication and critical thinking skills in order to represent effectively. Some of these skills include:



Active Listening


Conflict Resolution

Technical Writing


Coaching Program is designed to help you find focus, identify your goals, track your progress, and stay motivated along the way.

Our coaching team helps keep you on track not just with your long-range goals, but with your monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

Along with defining, setting, and tracking your goals, you will focus on every important aspect of your attitudes and actions that determine your success in each area of interest in your life.


We turn Personal Growth into a step-by-step process that will help you identify what it is you really want, what’s preventing you from getting it, by evaluating your current strengths and weaknesses in order to improve a certain aspect of life.

Personal Organization

We provide you  with Lots of great tools, useful time management techniques, and inspiration to help you reduce stress and make it easier to produce quality results in all areas of your life.

School &University Counseling

Our Counseling service is designed to equip students with the pre-professional competencies required for international academic programs

We assist students to make a decision on what is best for them; we can provide most suited ideas and information about study abroad.


Cordoba Academy for training education and development (CATED) is the incubator of Cordoba Center for Human Development is a non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organisation. It was established in Morocco to promote education and enhance employment opportunities for youth through appropriate training and skills building.

CATED is situated in Marrakech region; the oldest region in Morocco. It has been accredited as an institution for education and training and it’s licensed by Moroccan authorities.

CATED certified for  Education& Training by the OMPIC  N°1361455/Class 41/ According to  the Nice Agreement concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services.


Our vision  is to become international leader in providing professional training and counseling services of the highest academic standards.




Our  philosophy  is to apply psycho sociological theories, principles, knowledge, models and methods, in an ethical and evidence based way, in order to promote the wellbeing and effectiveness of individuals, families, groups, organizations and civil society in general, whilst respecting the dignity and rights of the person. This is reflected in the different opportunities we provide for of many types of people.