Cordoba Academy for training education and development

"I had a wonderful time in Morocco and was allowed to meet very friendly and caring people. I've never been received with such a hospitality before and also my host family was lovely and very kind. I never had the feeling of being alone although I went there on my own."

Nadine Kuball Germany

"I truly had a great time with Cordoba Center as Receptionist/Administrative Assistant. The members of the organization all have hearts of gold and I was well taken care of. Morocco will continue to become a better place with this organization and volunteers to support and help. I recommend involvement for anyone who is looking to give themselves to a needing global community while at the same time being in edifying and benevolent hands.. "


Safa Ouchen Morocco

"I worked about three weeks in Tamansourt, a small city close to Marrakech. I had a wonderful time there. The organization is good organized and all the people I have met from the organization are super friendly. I felt all the time in good hands. I learned a lot at work with the children. The only thing that was sometimes difficult was the language barrier between me and the children but it works with a little bit creativity. . "

Katharina Huber Switzerland

"As a foreign language graduate preparing to begin a Gender Studies Masters and interested in the development of women’s rights in Arabic speaking nations, I was attracted by the Social Work Programme with the organization in Marrakech, Morocco as this opportunity would allow me to gain first hand experience in the region I would like to work in as well as helping me direct my future career choices, uncover a new culture and most importantly broaden my mind.. "

Celia Sinclair UK


"I worked as a French teacher for children & adults in a little town close to Marrakech. I stayed with a local family . I had a wonderfull experience with the people: everybody was very good, I laugh a lot with the students, it wasn't hard to teach as everybody was determined and happy to come. My host family was so nice, I felt home since the first day and I really felt free being there. I miss them a lot.And I learned a lot about life and culture in Morocco and the people who live there. A time I will never forget.."

Emilie Pontacq France